Detroit is a city that has stood on the brink of the abyss. In the last 65 years alone, the city has been taken siege with riots, political corruption, and has even burned. Yet in spite of all of the tragedy, and the ugly underside of Detroit, its heartbeat has never been silenced. It is because within Detroit, there are so many working so hard to make a better life, to escape the darkness and despair to create something meaningful. Though their light is often eclipsed by harsh realities of life, what makes Detroit a city worth fighting for are the people.

No one understands that more than Davoice. DaVoice approaches every obstacle in his path with a passion that is uncompromising, unwavering, and never tempered. Since being exposed to the performing arts in every shape and form, DaVoice has made it his first and only choice for a career and a lifestyle. It is this infatuation with bringing happiness to others through entertainment that had driven DaVoice to expand his already impressive asset with his rise “from the ashes” as an entrepreneur and start his own company.

“From the Ashes Entertainment” aka FTA Entertainment is a fledgling company that in the very short time since its conception has already made astounding progress and contains even more potential. With DaVoice as CEO, FTA Entertainment manages rising talents as well as planning events. In just a few weeks, FTA has secured permanent facilities for its events, and has recruited over 20 aspiring artists from all over Michigan. DaVoice’s love for the performing arts is not merely in making his own voice heard, but giving the opportunity for others to “rise from the ashes.”

500 words are not enough to describe each and every way DaVoice has impacted his local community in Detroit, and that of Eastern Michigan University and Ypsilanti. He has proven himself time and time again that not only can he work toward his dreams; he also has the talent to do it. DaVoice’s natural charisma serves as a beacon for other people to find their passions, develop, and pave the way for a better life. In order to succeed, one must make others want to succeed. No artist is a one man show, and no one understands that more than Davoice.